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How does the game work?

I can't find the App on the App Store?

It will probably be that you have an older device that is not compatible.  The App is designed for Android phones and tablets, the iPhone and the iPad.  It will not work on Windows phones or Blackberry. There are also minimum versions of the operating system that are required for the App and these are as follows…

- Android Version 4.4 and above

- iOS Version 9.0

Simply go to the relevant store and type in Mobile Adventures to find the App.


What device should I use?

Check out our recommended devices list here...


I have downloaded the app and scanned the QR Code, but the game is not loading.

In this situation, check the following:

1. Data needs to be switched on. You will need a data connection either through a SIM card or Wifi to load the game.

2. Connection. If you do have a data connection, check that the signal strength is good. In areas where the signal is weak, the game may not load first time, or might take a while to load.

3. Google Maps. On Android phones, the App requires an up-to-date version of Google Maps so ensure that the latest version installed.  Also make sure that you have agreed to the terms and conditions when opening Google maps. Once you have updated Google Maps once, you do not need to continually update Google Maps – it just needs to be a minimum level for the app to work. 

4. Try inputting the Game Code instead of scanning the QR Code. This can also be found on your game confirmation correspondence.

5. We might be undertaking maintenance on the system or the game. Wait 5-10 minutes and try again.

7. If all of the above fails, there might be another problem with the player’s phone and therefore we would recommend you try this on another phone.  If you continue to experience problems, please do contact us.


How does the game work with my customised questions?

The standard game already includes a really good selection of questions for you to complete.  If you choose to add additional customised questions then these will be added to your game in addition to the standard content that the game includes.

Standard games generally contain approx 30-40 questions to complete and your customised questions will be added to the game when it is published.  

What's the difference between a City Explorer and Pub Explorer game?

Both are great fun!  Our City Explorer game provides you with an interactive way to explore a location whereby our Pub Explorer provides you with a fun interactive pub style quiz with up to three pub challenges that you can complete at your leisure.

City Explorer - click here for more details

Pub Explorer - click here for more details


How much data will the game use?

This will vary but the App will generally use between 5-10 MB to load your game depending on your chosen location. During play, your device will use about 25MB of data during the normal course of play.


What happens if my phone runs out of battery?

You will need a fully charged phone to use this app. We recommend charging your phone fully before you go out to play. Reduce the screen brightness to save on power too.  If your battery is getting low then you can swap your team to another device by using the rejoin game pin - watch the support video for further details on this feature.


How far will I walk?

That varies depending on how effective your team is as teams plan their own route!  As a guide, an average event will see teams walking about 3-4 km.


How long will it take?

Again, this varies from team to team as some people enjoy a gentle amble when others enjoy a route march!  It's up to you but we would recommend that you plan your game to run for one and a half to two hours max.  


Where do I start & finish?

You can start and finish anywhere in the game area.  Your game confirmation information will include a map showing the area of your game and most teams simply find a coffee shop or bar to meet and start/finish their game.

How will I know when the game ends?

We would recommend that you schedule your game for approx 1.5-2 hours.  Simply give your teams a time to meet back at the agreed finish venue to end your game. If you want to, you can give late teams a points penalty to ensure that they are all back on time!


Do teams follow a trail or follow each other?

No - the game can be completed in any order and teams make their own decision about which 'hot spots' to visit and in which order they complete the tasks.

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