Six Steps to Planning and playing your Mobile Adventure...

Step 1 - Plan your game

Simply choose your location, pick a game format, customise your requirements then check out and pay.  Your unique Game Code will be e-mailed to you 48 hours before your game date.  

If you've chosen to include additional personalised questions (you don't have to do this but it adds a good personal touch!) you can then go into your account and add these to your game anytime up to 48 hours before it starts. All our games include a good range of fun and interesting questions for you to enjoy and any personalised questions will be added to your game in addition to the standard ones already included.

Step 2 - Download the App

Once you've purchased your game, you will need to download the App to your device.

The Mobile Adventures App is available on the Google Play and iOS App Stores.  Type in 'Mobile Adventures' to find the App (shown below).  If you cannot find the App make sure your device is running the minimum system requirements - details can be found on our 'Recommended Devices' Page. If you can get the Team Captains to download the App to their device before the day that will save time on the day. 



 Step 3: Load your Game

48 hours before your game you will be e-mailed your unique QR Code.  Simply boot up the Mobile Adventures App, scan the QR code and your game will load. Alternatively, you can enter the Game Code into the relevant box to start loading the game. Aim to do this the day before your event as it'll save time on the day.

Please note that the time it takes to load the game will vary depending on your device and the data/Wifi signal. We would always suggest where possible that the game is loaded using a Wifi connection.  Switch the Wifi off once the game has loaded. The game is now loaded onto your device and ready to play.

Other questions?  Then check out our FAQs Page and Support Videos...

Step 4: On the day - Take a selfie and give yourself a team name!

When you are ready to start, boot the App up and the entry screen will require each team to take a ‘selfie’ and come up with a team name.

Your photo and team name will appear as your image on the live scoreboard and to other teams as your team marker so make it memorable!  Once you have completed these steps a ‘Join Game’ button will appear.  Make sure that all teams know where you are finishing and the finish time.  When you are ready to start get all teams to hit the ‘Join Game’ button and you are off!

Step 5: Visit the GPS Hotspots

Complete the 'Tap to Start' task and you're off. The green markers on the map are the GPS hotspots and you will see from the padlock that they are all locked. The team will need to visit those hotspots and when the GPS picks up that they are in the hotspot it will unlock one or more tasks. 

Each ‘hotspot’ will activate a Task Group – this could include anything from a general knowledge question, a challenge to find something or a fun photo challenge.  

Step 6: Complete tasks and challenges

Your unlocked tasks will appear under the Tasks tabs for completion. Simply Tap on the Tasks to access them then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the question. Please remember that you may need to ‘scroll’ down the screen on some devices to read the whole question!

Photos challenges included in the game will be automatically scored by the system and saved to the team’s device so they can be viewed later on their device and shown to other teams at the end of the game.

End of the Game: Identify the Winning Team

Once all teams have completed the hunt and have returned to the agreed finish location (at the agreed time!), results can be compared on the live scoreboard or team's individual devices to see who has won!

The winning team will be the one with the most points at the end of the game!

Watch the video below for a quick overview!

Check out our additional support videos by clicking here...

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