Congratulations - you're almost ready to play!

Great - you've set up your game, received your QR code and are wondering what to do next?  

Simply follow these 'Quick Start' steps to finalise your game and then you're off... If you want a more detailed description click here...


Step 1 - Ensure all Team Leaders have downloaded the App

Make sure the Team Leaders have a suitable device (check here...) and get them all to download the App to their device.

Click the relevant link below to get the Mobile Adventures App...



Step 2 - Load the game and play!

Simply boot up the Mobile Adventures App, scan your unique QR code and your game will load.  Always aim to load the game via a wifi connection the day before your event.

Once it's loaded you're ready to go but remember not to 'Join Game' until you are ready to start on the day!


Step 3 - On the Day

On the day, make sure your device is FULLY charged - it's worth having your charger with you too just in case!

When the Teams are ready to start, simply go back into the App, take your Team 'Selfie', add your team name, 'Join Game' and you're off!  

Have a great Mobile Adventure!

Other questions?  Then check out our FAQs Page... and make sure that you read our Safety First Page to ensure you have an enjoyable and fun Mobile Adventure.

Watch the video below for a quick overview!

Check out our additional support videos by clicking here...

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